The breed of broiler chickens arises as a result of the genetic selection carried out by the human race. Specifically, the origin of this breed comes from the cross between of Cornish males and Plymouth white rock females. Why this genetic selection? Because of the common reason for the animal exploitation industry: maximize the breeder benefit.

It is difficult to find information about the physical characteristics of this type of animals; the vast majority of available data about them are focused on its use as a resource by the humans or on its meat as a product: it is said that they are “very profitable” chickens, because of the genetic selection has made the Broiler a perfect cross between two races, one with “very good quality of meat” and the other with a lot of meat in the breast.

However, the main “advantage” of these chickens for the industry, is that they reach the adult weight in a very short time. This extreme fattening is achieved with the least amount of feed possible. They are a breed that transforms very quickly the food they consume in meat, that’s why they are also known as “fast-fat” chickens.

These chickens reach the weight of an adult being only babies. This fact causes serious health problems and complications in their legs, which are not yet formed to support so much weight. This usually causes them mobility problems.

Broilers: a kind of animals as vital as fragile, victims of exploitation and of the human indifference, which are counted by billions each year.