Pigs are incredibly social, close, loyal, cheerful and playful animals. However, in Spain they are seen as food animals and, therefore, they are considered goods, instead of beings worthy of respect.

Did you know that pigs are estimated to have an intelligence superior to that of a 3-year-old human child? And that they are more intelligent and have a better smell than dogs? Imagine how it must be for them to live among their own excrements –as it happens to the thousands and thousands of pigs living on the farms– having such a sensitive sense of smell.

In addition, they are often despised, since the word “pig” is synonymous with a lack of hygiene. However, nothing is further from the truth! Thanks to the mud baths they stay cool, but that doesn’t make them dirty.

Pigs don’t smell like dirt, they don’t like to live among their own excrements. They adore beds made with clean straw, especially in winter, so that they can be warm. And that’s why they don’t smell badly when they live freely and outside the farms: they smell like soil, grass, flowers, the field where they love to be.

Now, take a moment to think: what do you really know about pigs? Perhaps only the myths we are told by exploiters, perhaps only clichés based on childhood memories about the pigs that lived in poor conditions piled up in the pigsties, crammed and confined. But that is not their reality.

At the sanctuaries, we know pigs because we present them as they really are, not as it might be interesting for us. Don’t miss this video about what pigs really like:

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