Living beings

A big family

This is the place we call El Hogar Animal Sanctuary, where animals of all species live together. All of them have been rescued from situations of mistreatment and abuse, and all of them were saved from a certain death in the hands of their abusers.

At the Sanctuary El Hogar Animal Sanctuary, each inhabitant is cared for paying attention to their physical and psychological needs, and they have the opportunity to evolve as individuals according to their nature, personality and their own interests. Their rights are respected here and they can live safe for the rest of their lives.

In this section, you will find detailed information about each one of them and you will see that, despite the species they might belong to, they are all unique individuals with their own tastes and personalities, which are clearly marked. You will also understand that despite any differences on the surface, all animals are equal in essential things, because we all have feelings and we all want to live and to be happy, so we all deserve being acknowledge that we have rights.

Come in and meet the inhabitants of El Hogar Animal Sanctuary and discover that there is another way to see animals and to relate to them, since a hen, a rabbit or a cow have a lot in common with you and this can make your life change right now.