About El Hogar Animal Sanctuary

El Hogar Animal Sanctuary inicia su andadura en el año 2004, entonces con el nombre de El Hogar de Luci, centrando su actividad en el rescate de aquellos perros y gatos más desfavorecidos que esperaban la muerte recluidos en diferentes perreras del estado. Posteriormente, los animales eran realojados en casas de acogida o residencias caninas a la espera de su adopción.

El Hogar Animal Sanctuary started as “El Hogar de Luci” in 2004, rescuing the most deprived dogs and cats from shelters who were waiting to be euthanised. After the rescue, these animals were placed into foster homes or canine residences until finding their permanent home.

In 2007, “El Hogar de Luci” was legally constituted, proceeding to its registration in the National Register of Associations in Madrid. And thus, began a phase of continuous actions of awareness on topics such as animal abandonment, animal mistreatment, and neutering and spaying, in parallel to our work of rescuing and managing adoptions that were already taking place.

From this moment on, an evolution towards an “antispeciesism” thinking took place, and the association began to support all animals in need, regardless of species.

This is how the doors of El Hogar were opened for ducks, pigs, chickens, sheep and any other animal considered “for human consumption” or exploited by humans. As a result, those animals that did not belong in any other place had finally found an association that could offer them the chance to live a life in dignity.

Despite the lack of resources and the lack of sources of funding, the founding members decided to undertake this innovative project, pioneer in our country, driven by the illusion and determination to offer hope for a better future to so many oppressed animals, condemned and forgotten by our society.

At this point, the need for adequate facilities to accommodate all animals was a must. We needed large areas where herbivorous animals as well as dogs could move with freedom and live according to their nature; where cats could enjoy comfortable homes fitted out to be that home they never had before; where ducks and other birds would have extensive grounds equipped with shelters and ponds. And finally, where each species could live its life to the fullest in a safe environment, consistent with their physical and psychological needs.

The nationwide search for an adequate piece of land that could adjust to our purpose and especially to our limited budget began; finally, we located a place in the region of Madrid, where we began the construction of our true Home.

This was the beginning of a new and momentous chapter in our organisation, which would also mark an important milestone in the history of the Animal Rights Movement in our country.

The first Multi-Species Animal Sanctuary in Spain had been born.

After 5 years rescuing and caring for more than 300 different species that have been victims of human exploitation and disinterest, the project has been growing day by day. In 2013, El Hogar joined forces with the ProVegan Foundation, giving birth to “El Hogar ProVegan”, as it has been known until now. Having the ProVegan Foundation withdrawn their support to our project, now we have to leave the lands we are in. We are El Hogar Animal Sanctuary once again, and we just launched a crowdfunding campaign to acquire a new Home for the animals. With a little support from everyone, we will make it. Would you like to help?