Our sanctuary in pictures

Life in a sanctuary is full of wonderful moments that deserve to be shared. Each resident is unique, special, and they have their own nature, habits and preferences.

We want to share all those moments, we want everybody to meet the residents. We want you to be moved and to smile after hearing about their stories, achievements and hardest moments. That’s why we’ve created this section, in which you can see the pictures we’ve been taking in the last few years, both in the sanctuary and at the different events we’ve organised. Pictures from our beginnings in Madrid and also present pictures on our new Flickr account of a second stage for El Hogar ProVegan after moving to Tarragona.

You can also visit our YouTube and Vimeo channels, where we have been sharing a lot of content during all these years. Travel through our history, get to know our work, meet the residents and read interviews and articles. Don’t miss our documentaries and feel closer to the sanctuary through the videos showing our everyday life.

Undertake a virtual journey to our past, be part of our present.