Sponsor: María José & Manuela

    Zorte arrived at El Hogar with approximately two weeks.

    The sister of a collaborator warned us that a neighbor, who lives near an area where there are boars, had found in his plot, on a pile of iron and dangerous things, a trapped jab. Zorte was alone, with a fairly large wound on one side; without mom and without siblings, he would not have been able to survive much longer, since they cannot regulate their temperature and need contact to keep it.

    When they called us we ran and, before nightfall, the baby was rescued. It was so tiny that it was very difficult to change the maternal diet for the food that we could give him at the sanctuary. In the end, thanks to the collaboration of several veterinarians and the commitment, love and assistance of the volunteers of El Hogar, who were watching him day and night, keeping him warm, looking for food that could make up for the lack of milk from his mother, little Zorte (which means luck) went ahead. We believe that he will be a superhero who saves many boars in the future: raising awareness, with his charm and also with his genius, to many people. Boars are not a pest, they are sentient beings that, like the tiny Zorte, should live and they have to be known as they are, not as the hunters describe them. They are loving, sensitive and very, very intelligent beings.