Sponsors: Maria Luïsa, Tomasa & May

Rubén is 21 years old and was used to work in the field and to be ridden by children. He arrived full of fleas, with deformed hoofs and with an important overgrowth that makes him stand with his feet in an unnatural position. He arrived in this state because of a lack of care. Now Rubén has already been dewormed and vaccinated for tetanus and flu.

At El Hogar, Rubén discovers what love and caresses are, which he loves. He remains still while we cover him with caresses, and we can tell how much he enjoys it.

On the other hand, however, if we move our hand too fast on him, he makes a gesture of fear, believing that we will hit him, as he used to be hit before, but he is already learning that at El Hogar hands are only to caress, that they never hurt.

Rubén is brave and determined, he will soon overcome his fears…

Do you want to sponsor this beautiful 21-year-old grandpa? Write us to [email protected] and be part of his new happy life.