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River arrived at the sanctuary on December 16, 2018.

It was Sunday noon and some cyclists alerted about a pig that was lying by the river and couldn’t stand up. They thought he had fallen down a steep slope and he got stranded there. As soon as we receive the alert, we left El Hogar with the means we had at hand.

When we arrived at the place, we found a young pig. We are not able to say for certain how old he is, we believe he is between nine months and one year and a half. We know that is not very accurate but, although he is too big to be only nine months, he is not sterilised. And a very common practice in the pork industry is not to sterilise young pigs of a considerable size, because their meat does not yet taste like hormones.

River is a young male who was very likely destined to die in the slaughterhouse. He has a youthful face, but so does a pig who is one year old or older. No one will ever be able to tell us his real age.

We don’t know how long he had been there, but we think not too long, since it was very cold and he would probably not have survived the night’s frost. River had several injuries on the side he was leaning on and couldn’t walk. We don’t know the reason why, we think maybe because of a blow to his back. At the moment we can only assure that his back is not broken, that he has sensitivity and that he can move his back legs and his tail.

Another thing that really caught our attention and that we discovered after his first night in the sanctuary is that River has no teeth. This is another symptom of abuse, of having lived a dreadful life. We are investigating the causes of this, since one of them could be a lack of vitamins.

Today River is being treated with all the means at our disposal, because we want him to be able to move again. We also pamper him a lot. He is such a little glutton. He has a very friendly personality and you can see the nobility in his gaze. Although he was quite scared when he arrived, as days go by, we already perceive a change in his look thanks to the cares of the volunteers. He is now calmer, but still in noticeable pain and unable to walk.

He is named River not only because we found him on a river bank, but also because we wanted to honour River Phoenix, an American actor who was also a great activist for animal rights. Despite dying at a very young age, he was always concerned about spreading our message and veganism and explaining the reasons for doing so in every opportunity that was presented to him.

Our River is not as talkative as other pigs. We think he is not yet letting his real personality appear, he is still in shock and is very cautious with humans. Besides, he is very vulnerable, since he can’t walk.

¡Lo hemos conseguido!

Cuando hemos llegado al lugar del rescate:Queremos contaros que al llegar nos hemos encontrado con un cerdito joven, muy asustado y que no podía moverse. Felizmente no parece tener la columna fracturada, pero es probable que haya recibido un golpe importante ya que no es capaz de ponerse en pie por él mismo.Por suerte hemos podido rescatarlo de la orilla de ese río y llevarlo a casa.Queremos recordaros que si en El Hogar disponemos de una furgoneta preparada para este tipo de acciones y de los recursos necesarios para los rescates, como medicinas, mantas, un botiquín adaptado, etc., es gracias a vuestra ayuda.Nosotros somos vuestras manos, vosotros sois quienes nos permitís realizar los rescates gracias a vuestro apoyo y vuestras donaciones. ¡Gracias por ayudarnos a seguir salvando vidas! https://www.gofundme.com/la-casa-de-todos-los-animales?* Si este año quieres regalar amor y protección, algo realmente importante, haz una donación para que a River no le falte de nada en su recuperación: TRIODOS BANK – ES5314910001262037509029BIC/SWIFT: TRIOESMMXXX

Geplaatst door Fundación El Hogar Animal Sanctuary op Zondag 16 december 2018