Princesa still doesn’t have sponsors, would you like to be hers?

Princesa was rescued from a street colony because she was at risk of death by poisoning.

Cats that live on the street are exposed to a multitude of problems: of health, accidents, abuse, fighting among themselves, and attacks from other animals… and especially lack of human compassion.

Princesa was born in the year 2004, in a colony that lived in some gardens near the house of Elena Toya, the foundress of the sanctuary.

By that time, Elena was in charge of various colonies along with various companions, putting her in charge of abandoned cats and dogs, and in search of homes to house the most vulnerable. Unfortunately, often there were not homes for all of them.

The gardener who looked after those gardens informed those responsible about the colony that he intended to get rid of all of the cats. Because of this, saving those that remained became a race against the clock.

Princesa was very frightened, given that she had seen many of her companions and brothers hunted by humans. Elena managed to acquire her when she was three months old, (a month after taking charge of her sister Hada), using a cage trap, with the misfortune that once inside the grounds of the house Princesa escaped, hiding in a chimney in the house. There she lived for seven months, without wanting to have anything to do with anyone. She only came down to the patio to eat then quickly escaped again. The cage didn´t work, either, as she knew what it was for.

This was how the time passed, while Elena, patiently tried every day to gain the trust of Prinesa. Little by little Princesa began to abandon her refuge, at first she “spied” on the other cats and humans in the house, from the roof, there she dared to come down to the patio, although always apart from the rest, and in this way until she started to come into the house.

In spite of the fact that Princesa had become accustomed to the presence of humans and all the other animals with whom she lived, she continues to be a distant cat who prefers to remain unnoticed, away from the volunteers, and still maintains distance from Elena. Every one is as they are, and this should be respected, just as there are cats that are very affectionate and cuddly, there are also cats that prefer to avoid contact.

We love Princesa just as she is, and our only hope is that she is happy and feels that she has a family that loves her and that is there when she needs it.