El Hogar Animal Sanctuary went to Galicia to save the life of two cows in the Chantada incident. Despite our efforts, the Galician authorities and administration had them murdered. It was time to go home feeling sad and helpless for not being able to save them. Just then we received this message: “Nine female chicks need a home”.

They had hatched in darkness, without knowing what the sun or the grass felt like, and had been abandoned to their fate in a dreary yard with cement walls and cages. Someone heard them from behind the wall and called for help. Now, at El Hogar Animal Sanctuary, they live the life all hens should have: free to be curious, dig, flap their wings, sing, feel the sun and live in freedom… here they’ve found out what it’s like to have a family. Paco was one of those babies. She’s a really impressive bird, and her colourful plumage gives her an air of a Golden Eagle. That’s why Paco believes she’s a Golden Eagle and if she wants to be one, she will. After all, she’s not lacking in ability, she’s a very fast hen and not a bad flyer. But above all, she’s a dreamer.

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