Sponsor: Sandra

Osona was found on the road by Elena, in June 2018. She picked him up on the highway on her way to Tarragona when she was traveling to pick up Comino (another cat from the sanctuary) who was at the vet. As she passed, he saw that he was very still and that his mouth was bleeding. As it could not be otherwise, Elena turned around and, stopping the car as good as she could on the highway, approached her. Luckily Osona reacted and Elena confirmed that he was badly hurt, but alive.

His jaw was shattered, either because he had been thrown from a car or because he had been run over. She took him to the vet and, indeed, he needed an operation of the jaw because, although it was not broken, it was displaced, due to the hit.

He was a young kitten and he was already neutered. It was evident that he had had a relationship with humans because he quickly trusted Elena and the volunteers who received and took care of him in the sanctuary. As he did not have a chip, El Hogar decided to adopt him. After surgery, he underwent all the tests (he tested negative for leukemia and feline immunodeficiency) and, accordingly, he was chipped.

Osona is a very brave kitten with character. Now that he is getting older he is already a little more dominant with some of the other cats in the sanctuary. But with humans he is very, very affectionate and talkative. It is a companion kitten that, when he feels like it, follows the volunteers through the lands so that, between jobs, they give him some cuddles.