Sponsor: Azucena and Francisco Javier

    When Oscar arrived at the sanctuary he still had his yellow duckling feathers.

    We do not know if he was purchased as a toy, to please a child’s whim, or if he lived with other ducks or if he escaped, or whether or not he was abandoned…

    What we do know is that he ended up in the garden shared by a nursing home and the social club of the neighbourhood. It was here where an animal lover found him and sympathised with his suffering (rainy days out in the cold, no friends to share his day with, inadequate food supply and the possibility of ending up as someone’s dinner). This kind person decided to rescue Oscar from his grim fate and give him back the life that he should have lived, the life all ducks should live. After asking permission to enter the garden, Oscar found himself travelling under his rescuer’s jacket on his way to his first warm night.

    The next day the human inhabitants at El Hogar were awaiting his arrival. They were eager to introduce him to his new family and to show him how the life of a free duck should be.

    When he arrived Sandía and Melón welcomed him, two ducks from which he did not separate all day. Oscar was safe at last. He had found someone to share the excitement of being in the pond, the grass, the morning sun in the spring and many, many evenings of playtime in the future.

    Today Oscar is a social and talkative adult duck, he enjoys sun bathing, racing on the grass and other duck activities. He has experienced sadness as well when he lost his friends Melón and Carter.

    Oscar lives happily at El Hogar, it’s his home where he is enjoying life, accompanied by friends and accepted, until the end of his days.