Sponsors: Josep, Celestina, Joanna, María Fernanda and Alessia

    From a car, someone saw that something was moving among the bushes: it was a puppy with a broken back, dragging his paws behind him. Somebody had hit Neo or ran him over and left him to deal with his bad luck alone. Abandoned in a waste ground where cock fights are held, Neo must have been very afraid, being a baby all alone in the world, without his mother and siblings, without anyone to protect him from the cold, at the mercy of the elements of a world that knows very well all about cruelty.

    Neo was afraid, and he survived by eating stones and sticks. His toes are raw from having dragged his paws, he has no control over his sphincters and his back is broken in two. Neo must have suffered a lot of pain; it must be difficult to understand injustice when you are so young.

    How many humans would have seen Neo and turned their backs? How many will have thought he is “only” a dog? “Only” doesn’t exist when we are talking about life.

    Neo’s case is very complicated. Two fractures, one in the L4 and another in the sacrum.

    This last fracture leaves his tail hanging and useless, and in the future dangerous tingles might appear.

    The fracture at L4 causes a loss of sensitivity in the outer parts of both legs, the pudendal nerve does not work well, which is the nerve that controls the sensitivity of the bladder and anus; the signals don’t reach his brain so Neo doesn’t know when he is urinating or defecating.

    The femoral nerve works very poorly, the connection is bad and has only slight sensitivity. The sensitivity is greater in the inner part of the legs but the outer part does not work. With time the inner area will have an increased role, helped with surgery and physiotherapy. Neo will never be able to walk normally, nor will he position his legs correctly, but he will have more strength in his legs.

    It is important to operate on Neo to lessen both the pain that he feels now and pain that will surely appear in the future. Neo will need to undergo physiotherapy for the rest of his life, as well as the amputation of his tail and an operation to join his spine.

    Neo is already in El Hogar Animal Sanctuary, and has become great friends with Gretel, as they both have mobility problems with their legs they understand each other very well; it is nice to walk with someone who moves at your speed, walking slowly is also fun, you can look more at the flowers, and stop to smell them.

    You can donate household items that he will need for the rest of his life: nappies size 6 or 7, (knickernappies), anti-irritation creams, baby wipes, baby socks and interior bodysuit, etc. Inquire here: [email protected]

    You can also sponsor Neo on [email protected]