Sponsors: Bibiana, María Teresa Paloma, Miriam, Roser and Alina

He lived tied to a rope, surrounded by trash, suffering and death…

With him, lived 4 horses which used to bite each other finding a way to finish their starvation. One of them got badly injured after being seized while trying to jump desperately the fence around them. Someone saw him and rescued two of them, but the other two were sent to slaughter.
Leben was there while everything happened, but nobody helped him…
The owners of the property where Leben lived are drug traffickers. They left Leben in a drug addict’s keeping while they were in jail. However, instead of taking care of Leben and the horses, the carer spent all the money on alcohol and drugs.
Nearby residents were aware of the neglect that Leben was suffering so they decided to place food under the fence every day to feed him. They were the ones who came crying to El Hogar Animal Sanctuary when they noticed the state of putrefaction of Leben’s eyes.
Leben was forced to participate in dogfights. The man who had the care of the dog, told the neighbours while beating up the head of the animal: “This dog is too dumb to fight, he’s worth nothing”.
Leben had his prepuce ripped by a bite, what reinforces the assumption that he was forced to live the brutal world of dog-fighting.
Today, Leben left the hospital and came home. He came to El Hogar Animal Sanctuary, the Animal Sanctuary, where finally, he can live a proper life.

Thanks to those of you who are interested in Leben’s case and worried about his injuries. We hope we can bring you good news and tell you that finally, he is recuperated so that all of you can be witnesses of a long and happy life.

If you want to help to heal Leben you can be part of his recuperation by sponsoring him: international@elhogarprovegan.org.

Thank you!
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