Sponsors: Isabel and Luis

Félix’s story is that of many rums which are used as studs to get female sheep pregnant…

His story begins one day the neighbour´s dogs were continually barking very loud. It was then that we all felt something wrong was happening: there was something wrong indeed… In the property next to our sanctuary, there were some dogs which had already attacked some sheep the neighbour had within a small pen, almost killing them.

The way the dogs were barking that time was very similar to what we heard that day. When some of El Hogar volunteers jumped over the fence, they saw that it had happened again, but this time we found that the new ram the neighbour had rented, had been attacked by the dogs and he had his throat cut and bleeding. When we reached him, Félix was laying on the ground, barely breathing. He had lost three parts of his spine since the dogs had bitten his butt thus damaging severely his anus and tearing his rectum.

He had many wounds and hollows in his neck through which we could see his larynx. Neither we nor he will ever be able to forget what happened and what El Hogar staff saw and lived on that day. However, we could not do anything for him… yet.

His nightmare still had to last for 4 days more. During these long days he was losing his life and even portions of his own flesh, which to our daily horror and surprised were eaten night after night by the rats. Every day we jumped over the fence and visited him to dress his wounds and we witnessed the same scene over and over again.

We were aware that in such conditions he would not survive for long so we did our best to convince his owner to give us the animal since we have been together fighting for him to recover from this nightmare.

Félix went through a long list of surgeries, painful healings, rehabilitation exercises…but the worst part of it all was already past and Félix eventually got over it all and he even got his voice back.

Today, this good looking ram is constantly bleating to anyone passing next to him, asking for a caress and for your attention, and he has changed from being a fearful animal that trembled with the only presence of human beings to being after us all over the place, happy and thankful for being given back his life and his freedom.

Camile, the most talkative of sheep at the sanctuary has been a great support for him. After his long convalescence, his front legs still need to get back to their natural position so that he can walk and jump just like all rams do: Camille has been making him move in a happy way.

Some of the treatments he is going through at El Hogar Animal Sanctuary include osteopathy, aquatic physiotherapy, acupuncture, a good diet and lots of love. Because every individual is unique, with his own needs, and with your help, we will take care to fulfil them.


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