Sponsor: Manuel and Teo

Boira is a goat rescued from a community courtyard. Her destiny was to be served as food.

Boira is a female goat that arrived at the sanctuary in May, 2015, together with her mate Terra.

They were living in precarious conditions with three other goats. They were all under six months old.

Five babies separated from their mothers, without the food and the attention that any baby needs, without straw to sleep on and to get warm. Tied separately, without being able to smell or touch each other, or to snuggle and calm their fear.

Their cries were heard by a girl that, surprised, decided to find out where they were coming from. When she saw what was going on, the babies’ conditions, their sadness, their loneliness and how vulnerable they seemed to be… it really touched her heart.

She would bring them some fresh grass anytime she had the chance. One day, during one of those visits, she found out that three of the goats were missing. Worried, she gathered her courage and knocked on the door of the house. She was told the goats had been eaten.

Horrified by the final destiny those other goats were going to have, she tried for over a month to convince the family to not kill them and to allow her to rescue them. At the same time she was trying to find a safe place for them.

In that moment, the works for the pigeon’s new space at El Hogar had to be stopped, due to a lack of budget. For this reason we had a fenced area that could be used for the quarantine (mandatory for each new inhabitant).

This time, our lack of funds has allowed us to save the lives of these two goats: Boira (fog) and Terra (earth). They’re already safe at El Hogar Animal Sanctuary, where they no longer will have to fear for their lives.

Welcome home!