Sponsors: Ada, Jessica, Eva & Sol

    Ahimsa was found in an industrial estate, she had fallen from a truck that took her to the slaughterhouse, she was a month and a half, and they were going to kill her, she is a baby. Ahimsa had to feel very scared, so tiny and surrounded by things that had to look like giants for such a tiny little body.

    Ahimsa, arrived at the sanctuary, with her small and bruised body, burned by the asphalt, and although at first she still slept a little uneasy, as she woke up soon she felt she can be calm. Things have changed a lot; all the piglets should live like this, and have someone to hug them when they wake up if they have had a nightmare.

    Her name, AHIMSA, is a Sanskrit term, a philosophical concept that advocates a life without violence. It means peace, love and understanding for everyone, regardless of the species, she comes to revolutionize the world, and convince many people to see the piglets, as they really are, important and huge lives in a world that seems giant, but that it is not bigger than the lives that live on it.