Bullfighting in Tordesillas

Toro de la Vega

Every year, on the second Tuesday of September, the town of Tordesillas in Valladolid becomes the scenario of the horror.

At about 11:00 A.M. the “Torneo del Toro de la Vega” (a sort of tournament which is actually a bull hunting) starts. The bull, which until that moment has been locked in a small cage in complete darkness, is released in the central area of the town where he will be chased and disturbed by people until he arrives to an area in the lowland which is delimitated by a fence. This is the place where hundreds of riders on horseback and men armed with spears and knives chase him down to kill him.


The animal is cornered and harassed and he will be stabbed many times by spears that will break into his skin at a depth of approximately 30 cm causing   important tearing and internal injuries in the tissues of his body, as well as a great suffering. After going on with this torture for about thirty minutes, the bull collapses completely exhausted and covered with his own blood, which springs from all his wounds. Once he is on the ground, the mob armed with knives and spears and completely mad with blood thirst, surround him in order to stab him with their knives and spears until the bull is given another mortal stab in his medulla and part of his medulla oblongata . This paralyzes the animal but he is still aware for a while so his death will eventually come after a long and terrible agony.

Toro de la VegaToro de la Vega


The man who makes the bull collapse is told to be the winner of the tournament and he will be granted the testicles of the bull as a macabre trophy.