Ponnies in fair attractions

ponies de feria


At fairs it is common to find a carrousel with ponies that go round and round to attract children. Each and every rider increases the weight of their sentence and with each step they take, they draw on the ground the evil circle of exploitation.


During endless working days of (up to 12 hours of non-stop activity) these little animals are forced to walk without a break, going over and over the same path until they are exhausted. Each piece of iron that chains their heads to a central pole has been designed so that is one of them stops, the rest would keep moving and he would be dragged after suffering a strong pull of his neck.


The powerful lights that illuminate this attraction cause many injuries to their eyes and will eventually lead to blindness and their sensitive ears are being damaged by the deafening sound of music that is being played constantly.

The permanent load of weight on their bodies brings, in many cases, severe back injuries due to the deviation of their spines. In these circumstances, ponies will have no veterinarian care and they will be exploited on and on despite the intense pain caused by these kinds of injuries.

ponies de feria

ponies de feria

Apart from the constant travel of these attraction and the harsh working conditions described above we must remember to include how these poor animals are transferred from town to town. The vehicles in which they are transferred are not appropriate for transporting them, they are overloaded and they must stay locked for days and days until the attraction has a new location.

Turn after turn their hope is being consumed and round after round their hearts are broken. The wheel of pain and desolation never stops because at these fairs someone turned their lives into an attraction.


Fair ponies: