Greyhound races

carreras de galgos

Greyhound races are nothing but another form of exploitation in which animals are converted into mere tools for financial gain.

Greyhounds intended for competition are the product of selective breeding, with the aim of obtaining animals which are optimally able to reach high speeds in racing.

Several hundred rabbits and other small animals will die during the training of these dogs. They will be used as prey to encourage the fierce instincts of the greyhounds, and will die, eaten by them. Before this, the dogs will have been subjected to food deprivation.

carreras de galgos

The greyhounds will live permanently in cages, and will only be allowed out of their imprisonment to train, compete, or do their business. To improve their racing performance, techniques such as electrical stimulation or punishment by whip, as well as the administration of drugs, are commonly used.

After a competitive period which lasts between one and a half and four years, the dogs begin to suffer from physical and psychological problems, such as muscle tremors or symptoms of stress. Their performance will worsen, they will no longer be profitable for their exploiters and they will become a burden which must be gotten rid of. As a result, many of them will be murdered, often by cruel methods (hanging, starvation, trampling, etc.) and others will suffer abandonment or will be sold to laboratories for experimentation and vivisection. Only a few “lucky” ones will be used as studs to perpetuate the business.

For these greyhounds, each race is just one step further into the hell of exploitation.

carreras de galgos