Fishing is a method of hunting in the aquatic environment where the gun is replaced by the fishing rod.

After being caught with a hook that causes them serious harm, fish are removed from the water where they experience the agony of death by suffocation. Most of them are also beaten and mutilated while they are still alive.

Despite their anatomical differences and their inability to express pain audibly, fish have a complex nervous system as well as an extensive network of sensory receptors that make them extremely sensitive to suffering.

Some fishermen employ the “fishing without death” method that consists of capturing and returning the fish back to the water. This practice, far from being harmless to animals, subjects them to the intense stress of the capture and to the feeling of suffocation eventually putting an end to their lives. The serious wounds and lacerations caused by the hook are incurable and condemn them to a slow and painful death once they have been released.

In addition to the countless individuals cruelly removed from their habitat, fishing also claims for the lives of millions of animals that are used as “bait” to attract fish. Various invertebrates and small fish are caught, inserted into a hook and submerge into the water. These beings are alive and experiencing serious injuries and immeasurable pain while they hang in a hook waiting to be devoured.

Fishing scenes: