peleas de perros

Worldwide combats between dogs of specific races are illegally and clandestinely arranged. These dogs have been savagely trained and prepared for a single purpose – to fight! These abnormal shows are watched by sadistic spectators who bet substantial amounts of money.

These dogs are raised expressly for this propose or stolen from their owners or animal shelters and all of them will be subjected to brutal training to optimize their physical condition and alter their psychology in order to obtain more aggressiveness and violence.

To strengthen the jaw and maximize their bite potential, animals are suspended for hours from a rope and they must hold themselves with their own teeth. Normally to develop their musculature, they are forced to run dozens of kilometers on a treadmill until they are exhausted.

With the target of promoting hate, anger and frustration, dogs are physically mistreated and beaten, causing several injuries and lacerations with sharp objects or enclosing them for long hours in small dark cubicles.


peleas de perros

peleas de perros

In addition to these brutal “training techniques” it is normal to use addictive drugs, which are administrated to animals for a period of time and then stopped. This leads to severe withdrawal symptoms which increase the degree of anxiety and violence of the dogs. Also, before training or fights, the dogs are subjected to electric shocks to the anus in order to unleash more aggressiveness.

Finally, another form of practical training, which is particular, cruel and widespread, is using small animals usually docile or elderly as baits. This is supposed to increase their self-confidence, consolidate their technique and their aggressiveness against their rivals.

peleas de perros

It is estimated that around 500 animals are stolen annually in Spain to be used as bait during training. These unfortunate animals will suffer an agonizing death during the fight or just after as a consequence of terrible injuries.

During the bloody battle (that can take hours) the dogs will suffer serious injuries and in some cases lose their life. Between the survivors, lots of them will be in a shameful state with several injuries, tearing or losing eyes. They do not receive veterinary assistance at all, because that will pose a financial outlay and would alert the authorities about the organization of these illegal fights.

peleas de perros

With the average of four or five fights, the dogs are exhausted and are shattered physically and emotionally and will not be considered to profitable. After suffering a short painful life the dogs will be abandoned, executed, electrocuted or strangulated.

Among us there is a dark business taking place in which hundreds of stolen lives are turned into instruments of hate and violence by their merciless exploiters.

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