Cockfighting is a bloody show where animals are exploited and manipulated to confront each other to death. This hateful activity moves big amounts of money among its followers in the form of rooster sales and bets. In these fights, roosters are used as throwaways for a profit.

During the first moments before the fight, it is a common practice between the “galleros” (fighting rooster breeder) to inoculate amphetamines and steroids to the animals in order to increase their violence and anxiety. In addition, the cockscombs and the beards are removed, and they attach very sharp steel spurs to inflict more damage to the opponents.

Then, both roosters are thrown into a closed ditch from where it is impossible to escape. Brutally trained to fight, these animals face a deadly combat. The metal spurs cause deep vicious injuries: broken bones, wings, and legs, eyes pulled out of their sockets, and severe internal trauma.

peleas de gallos

peleas de gallos


In just a few minutes of fighting, both roosters are in a horrible state. They have turned into bloody masses that barely can drag their injured bodies, but they won’t be able to rest until they kill their opponent or die trying. It is common for “galleros” to try to resuscitate them in many ways. For example, if a bird suffers a chest injury and his lungs are filled with blood, the owner will draw that blood out by sucking from his beak just to return him to the fight as soon as possible.

peleas de gallos


Usually, after these brutal fights the defeated rooster ends up dead and the winner seriously hurt. Those animals that have suffered injuries that prevent them from fighting will be murdered, discarded, and replaced by other individuals that will face the same fate.

In cockfighting, animals always lose.

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