Bulls on fire

toros de fuego o embolados

To begin with, the bull is tied up to a pole in order to prevent him from moving and to make it easier to manipulate him. Then, they place in his horns some items impregnated with flammable material/liquid and these are set on fire.

The animal, in panic, tries to get rid of these items on fire by moving violently his head, which can cause serious injuries and dislocations of his neck. In his desperate run along the streets of the town, he will suffer several burns in his eyes, head and back and his screams of pain can be heard all along the way.


In many cases, the bull will try to collide against a wall or to jump from above in order to bring an end to this torture. Some animals even have a heart attack which will cause their death due to the intense stress and fear they go through, while the mob shout and have fun with this entertainment.

toros de fuego o emboladostoros de fuego o embolados

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