Bullfighting with Calves

This entertainment is basically a bullfight by amateurs and with no bull but very young bovids (one or two years old). These calves, still at a tender age, become the victims of an extremely cruel practice.

The animal suffers a long and slow agony in the hands of his executioners, who inflict them a systematic torture. To start with, their bodies will be pierced by several spears that will be placed anywhere in their small bodies, causing some very deep injuries with an abundant bleedings.

The calf, forsaken, cries in pain and tries to save himself from this torment.

Then the animal, scared to death and exhausted, is pierced by a sword of about 80 cm long which cuts muscles and tissues on its way to his internal organs. In many cases the lack of ability to kill at first attempt of the executioners leads to several failed stabbings in which the sword is partially  inserted into the body of the animal only to be taken out again , repeating this torture over and over  until the sword reaches soft tissue and the animal is killed. This inflects the animal a kind of suffering which is beyond any possible description in words.



Eventually, when the animal is torn and pierced and with uncountable internal injuries, the animal collapses to the ground, where they will try to kill him by piercing his brain with a knife but again, it is usual to fail several times to the point that the animal is stabbed more than ten times in a row. After this massacre the animal can still be alive and aware and he has to suffer feeling how they cut his ears and tail with a knife to give them as a trophy to his killer.

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