Animal actors

animales actores

The advertising, film and television industry often use animals to play roles in audio-visual productions, however none of these animals voluntarily wish to participate.

Separated from their mother at early age, they will be subjected to violent training and forced to spend most of their life in small, dirty cages.


animales actores


To make them “play” their role and perform each scene perfectly, the “coach” uses training techniques based on brutal physical abuse, especially when training wild animals. Throughout the learning process the animals will be beaten with sticks, metal rods or given electric shocks until the desired action is performed.

This constant systematic abuse and forced dominance leads to intense emotional suffering and the development of conditions such as stress and anxiety due to the constant fear of being repeatedly abused.


animales actores


When the animals get older and they are no longer useful to the industry, they will be locked in zoos to serve as an attraction or simply murdered to avoid maintenance costs.

Behind the screen is the real story of exploitation for hundreds of animals.

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