Every year 60 billion animals from farms are enlisted in a one-way trip – their destination: The Slaughterhouse

Every year 60 billion animals from farms are enlisted in a one-way trip – their destination: The Slaughterhouse

Video – Lamb slaughterhouse

The sinister process of the death begins on an assembly line. They are murdered, skinned and quartered before the terrified eyes of their friends while they wait for their turn. These animals, totally conscious of their situation experience an indescribable terror, they scream asking for clemency and try to escape from that horrible destiny. Unfortunately, nobody hears their pleas, nobody ends with their nightmare, because they were born to be slaves of the meat industry and the date of their death was determined the same day they were born.

In their short lives these lovely animals go through hell, they live a short life of continuous fear and suffering. They are imprisoned in farms, separated from their mothers a few minutes after they are born, confined in very small spaces inside cold industrial units. The anguish doesn’t stop there; these animals live in overcrowded, filthy spaces surrounded by faeces. They are constantly abused, beaten, subjected to amputations and surgeries without anaesthetics such as removal of canines, castrations in pigs, beaks removed in chickens and hens, tails being cut off lambs or dehorning in cows.

Some of them cannot bear their precarious living conditions or the pain they endure following these atrocious procedures so they get sick and they are left to their fate. They will die after a terrible agonising suffering that sometimes will go on for days and then they will be discarded like rubbish because they are not longer profitable to their exploiter.

In farms these animals are only goods managed in terms of productivity. Some of them will be murdered a few days after their birth (young lamb, suckling pig, calf…), while others will be subjected to months of fast fattening until they reach the most profitable weight.

Video – Pig Farms (Research of Animal Equity)

Video - Chicken farms

All of them will finish their days quartered and their carcasses packed for sale.

The sunlight will never caress their numb bodies, their lungs enjoyed fresh air and their legs never took a step outside their prison…