Animals for Consumption

Differences do not exist, they are made up in order to justify murder. All animals want to live, they are not ingredients in your diet. Save their lives, GO VEGAN. So we can all be happy.

Pigs, cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens, hens, turkeys, ducks, fish…

Millions of animals are born every day slaves of the meat, fish, egg, and milk production industries. Millions of unique individuals, with complex emotions and an interest in preserving their own lives, are considered goods; condemned to a miserable existence of suffering and deprivation.

Every human culture determines the animal species that will be used as food sources. This way, for example, in many Asian countries, consuming dog or cat meat is a usual and normalized practice, as it is in our western societies to consume pork, beef, lamb or chicken.

This kind of discrimination is, therefore, arbitrary, since the ability to feel and the will to live don’t know about species.

Since childhood, we are taught to see those wrongly-called “factory animals” as resources at our service, as mere production machines, unconscious and without feelings.

We are also taught that meat, fish, eggs or cow’s milk are essential in our diets, and without them, we wouldn’t be able to meet our nutritional needs.

The truth is our condition as omnivores gives us the capacity to obtain the nutrients our body needs from a wide range of aliments. In our developed societies, we have within reach different types of food from vegan origin that allow us to cover our nutritional needs, without having to use animal products that, in many cases, turn out to be damaging for our health.

Advertising shows us an ideal world, where animals destined to human consumption live happily and accept their final destination placidly. In supermarkets, products of animal origin are displayed for the consumer in appealing and aseptic packaging; however, all the exploited animals in the alimentary field, including those ones coming from ecological livestock, are used and assassinated regardless of their interests as conscious beings who want to enjoy their lives freely. Products obtained from animals always imply suffering and death.

This labyrinth of disinformation at the service of animal exploitation industries, only seeks to prevent people from knowing the truth, since it would make their lucrative businesses destabilize.

Dare to discover the hidden truth of millions of animals and give yourself the chance to think it over, deciding whether you wish to continue supporting this practice with your purchases.

Are you aware of what you’re eating?