Used as filling for pillows, quilts and jackets, bird feathers are the source of lucrative business whose main victims are ducks and geese.

The process begins even before the chicks are born, when eggs are stolen from the mother and placed in incubators. In countries such as Hungary, Poland and China, around the 8th week of life, once the animals have their adult plumage, they will endure their first live plucking.

Workers hold the birds by the neck while plucking all the feathers off their body. This causes intense suffering because the insertion points of the plumage in the epidermis contain many sensory receptors that send pain signals to the brain with each violently extracted feather.

To maximize the amount of feathers obtained, as soon as the plumage has recovered, this cruel procedure will be repeated. Thus, every duck or goose will be plucked four or five times during its short existence. When the profitability of the animal decreases, its sad life of suffering will be violently ended at the slaughterhouse in order to use its meat.

Desplumados de gansos en vivo

Geeses plucked alive

Although these practices are illegal in the European Union, it remains a fact that many textile companies buy feathers, which they use to manufacture their products, from factories located in countries where live plucking is a common practice.

In any case, obtaining feathers from animals after they are killed in slaughterhouses also involves suffering, exploitation and death. Far from being a mere byproduct of the meat industry, feathers represent an important part of its profitability.