Don’t buy, adopt!

After thousands of years of interaction with our species, cats and dogs have gradually undergone a process of domestication that has led to a strong dependence on humans.

Today, millions of these animals are referred to as “pets” or “companions” and they are legally regarded as property. These animals are acquired as easily as commodities and their purpose is to serve and satisfied their “owner” or “master”.

The unknown truth is that these animals like us, are conscious beings with their own personality and feelings and therefore deserve our respect and should be treated as equals.

Taking the decision to live with one these domesticated animals should always be taken with the utmost responsibility, for it involves a lifetime commitment where the humans has to ensure the welfare and the safety of this precious being. Before taking on this responsibility we should seek advice about the needs and personality of the being and whether or not he will suit our lifestyle and our resources.

A just and respectful relationship with our future life companion begins to take shape the very moment he is selected. Therefore, we should always opt for adopting an abandoned animal or one that’s held in a pound. By doing so, we are refusing to take part in the business of buying and selling animals as if they were commodities, we would also be saving the life of one of a million homeless animals waiting for a chance.

Around 25,000 cats and 100,000 dogs are abandoned in Spain every year, thousands of lives neglected and doomed to a tragic demise.

Many of these abandoned animals will be killed on the roads while others will be murdered after they have spent a few days locked up in a pound. Others will be doomed to wander the streets suffering from hunger, cold and disease. Only a few “lucky” ones will be welcomed into over­ crowded, poorly resourced animal shelters, where they wait while they are found a home, which in many cases will never happen.

Abandoned, mistreated… Why?

Animal abandonment

Put yourself in their place (What would you feel?)

At present there is a lucrative industry based on the indiscriminate production of animals for sale. Consequently, there is a sad and cruel reality behind those “cute” puppies sadly displayed in the pet shops; these beings have come from breeding centers, animal farms where thousands of cats and dogs are begin brutally exploited entirely for profit. These animals spend their lives in tiny cages, lying on their own excrement, without veterinary care and without an appropriate food supply. They are forced to have consecutive pregnancies until their poor bodies totally exhausted cease to reproduce. After all this suffering they will be killed and replaced by young females whose offspring will be taken away again and again so the market can be supplied with puppies.

Animals that come from reputable breeders or from individuals are no different, as in both cases they are still exploited and seen as objects and consumer products.

At the time of adopting our new friend or companion, we should not forget the animals that are older, disable or have health problems. As they are the ones with greater need of our help and with them we will have a long­lasting friendship.

Adult cats and dogs have a defined personality and a psychological maturity that make them excellent companions.

In any case, we must consider that each animal has different needs and personality and that they should be respected for their tastes and desire. Our co­existence must be based on communication and mutual respect, without the need to rely on violent behaviour that will not be understood by our friend and will compromise their trust in us.

Finally, we cannot forget those animals of diverse species we humans decide take home. They are those considered “exotic” and may include reptiles, small rodents, birds and fish. In most of the cases, the living conditions that we provide these animals do not satisfy their biological needs and they tend to feel stressed and threatened.

As a general rule to follow, any animal that is able to live in freedom should never be kept in captivity or held in a man­made environment. Animals that require the assistance of human beings to continue with their lives should be provided with the most suitable environment for their lifestyle and needs.

Animals are neither “pets” nor “companions”, they are simply our friends, who walk besides us throughout our life and deserve our undivided love and respect.

Because their lives are precious, do not buy, adopt!

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