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A better place for everyone

From El Hogar we fight against those who assume that animals can be used as mere resources, without taking into account their own needs and their right to life.

Humans have turned this planet into a hell for other species, condemning millions of animals to a miserable existence, living locked up, being killed for mere amusement, living and dying in the cruelest conditions.

Speciesism is a direct consequence of the lack of empathy in which generation after generation we are educated. Only by receiving information about the reality that we have imposed on other species, we can lay the groundwork for the change towards a fairer, more respectful lifestyle.


Do you want to read more about the real living conditions for millions of animals around the world? We put at your disposal information in the sections:

In addition, we have created a special section where youc an find specific information about the different festivities that are celebrated every year in Spain, a country with a long tradition in festivities based on death, mutilation and use of animals for fun. You can read about these festivities in our section “Blood parties”.