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The main reason in order to make a transition to a vegan lifestyle is not only to preserve integrity animal rights, but also to life healthier. Animals are sentient beings with their own interests who want to live their life happily, just as we do.

The benefits of a vegan diet are indisputable; as long as we make sure we balance the nutrients and amounts properly. By avoiding the consumption of animal products, we not only stop being part of the animal abuse chain, but also stop eating products that contain saturated fats, cholesterol, radicals, acids, … if you add to that list hormones, low quality products used to feed animals, chemicals & vaccines and a much longer list of substances that gradually deteriorate our health, living vegan is a very smart choice these days.

The risks of getting a disease through the exclusive consumption of vegetables drops down dramatically, and investigating the benefits, nutrients and vitamins all the great vegetable and non- animal products available help us to be much more aware of what we eat. It is also proven that a balanced vegan diet is the healthiest diet that exists. It decreases the risks of heart disease, help improve a better blood circulation, beats cancer, fights obesity and depression … And today the alternatives are so numerous that you can make a very easy transition if you are not a vegan already!

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It is common to have lots of questions when you are in the beginning of this journey. “ If I do not eat meat, where will I get my protein from?” ,“If I eliminate animal products from my diet, how can I have a perfectly healthy and balanced diet?”, “I am already learning that cow's milk is only suitable for the calf, but how can I replace it?

There are a lot of options to replace protein sources and dairy! Actually, a lot of people who make this transition and adopt a vegan diet have a more varied diet. They introduce to their diets a lot of different veggies, fruits, dried fruits, pulses, dairy free products, seeds and super foods that do not only accomplish the basics of a balanced diet, but even give them way more vitamins and nutrients than before.

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