At El Hogar Animal Sanctuary we work every day to make this project grow, through which we are fighting together to build a new, fairer world for animals, a world where we can all live our lives in peace and freedom, where love and respect do not understand species, where we are all the same beyond our differences.

If you also share our objectives and wish to collaborate more actively, now you can form part of the team of volunteers at El Hogar from wherever you reside in the world. Choose between a large variety of available tasks, according to what best suits your preferences and aptitudes.

We are looking for people, like you, who want to commit to a stable position and dedicate part of their time to helping animals, assuming the responsibility of working for them.

We carry a new world in our hearts and you can be part of it.

We currently need:

Communication Dept:

  • Person responsable for campaigns (creation y promotion)
  • Community manager

Members and Sponsors Dept:

  • Creative campaigns recruiter
  • Administrator/Secretary


  • Video creator
  • Creative campaigns/videos/reports
  • International Dept:
    • Spanish/German Translators
    • German/Spanish Translators
    • English/Spanish Translators
    • Spanish/English Translators
    • Community manager for promotion in German-speaking countries
    • Community manager for promotion in English-speaking countries

Sanctuary Dept:

  • Gardeners
  • General Handypersons/Construction workers
  • Carpenters

Events Dept:

  • Graphic designer
  • Community manager

Design Dept:

  • Graphic designers
  • Multimedia designer (websites and various applications)
  • 3D designer

IT department:

  • Web programmers

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