Your support is fundamental

Would you like to help economically El Hogar Animal Sanctuary, and additionally be more involved in the life of any of the inhabitants of the Sanctuary? Then your option should be to become a sponsor.

From 12 € per Month, you can help the individual you feel identified with, to have a long and happy life, cover up his needs, medicines, favourite meals, and better environment…

At the beginning of the patronising period you will get information about the choosen one: past history, character, health situation, likes… Later on, you will be informed regularly about any news in his life.

If you wish, you can sponsor more than one individual, of course.

Send an e-mail to: [email protected], and tell us that you would like to sponsor one of the inhabitants of the Sanctuary.

Thank you very much!

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The personal data you provide us will be incorporated into a data file of El Hogar Animal Sanctuary. The purpose of this file is to adequately manage sponsors, keep you informed of your health, activity, or any novelty through our media, including the electronic way. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by contacting El Hogar Animal Sanctuary Association. Further information on this page