The new lands

The new lands: a final safe home for all the animals


New winds are blowing. As you know, we need to move out of the land where the sanctuary is currently located. We are leaving. Right now we are looking for a new home for the 200 inhabitants of the sanctuary, a home that will be ideal, secure and permanent. Hard work is ahead of us but we are putting all our hopes on it.

And you could be the person who finds a new home for these 200 animals. Because, if you want to, you can become actively involved in the search. Do you want to help us find those lands?

We will let you know the characteristics of the land we need so that your search can be as efficient as possible. We want to avoid confusion and options which are not matching our inhabitants’ needs

Location: if possible, Cataluña, preferably Girona, Barcelona or Tarragona, or also País Vasco, Cantabria or Asturias


Essential requirements:

  • Area of at least 10 hectares
  • Inhabitable big house or several houses
  • Water and light
  • Some kind of heating
  • Far away from roads with lots of traffic
  • With access for big cars (for animal transportation)


Desirable requirements:

  • Terrain with a fence
  • Big houses made for large animals
  • Parks for animals
  • Connected to roads easily reachable for volunteers


If you decide to actively participate in the search for the land, please send us your suggestions or doubts to [email protected]

We will build a new sanctuary and we will be reborn with more hope, strength and security for all residents. Together we can make it! 200 animals will be thankful to you for life. Without you, we are nothing but together we have no limits!

You can also help us buy the lands and move by making a donation on Any contribution counts, even the smallest one, because with each person who believes in our project, recognizes all our hard work and donates what they can, our dream will come closer to becoming a reality.


Please join our big family, help us find, set up and build a final Home for all the inhabitants of the sanctuary.

Will you help us to be reborn?