A Safe Home for the Large Animals

Project “A Safe Home for the Large Animals”

The Project “A Safe Home for the Large Animals” addresses an issue we have faced ever since we arrived at the current sanctuary location; its inadequacy as a refuge for animals of a certain size, such as horses and cows.

At times of extreme weather, namely the scorching heat of the summer and especially the cold of winter these animals are in want of a better shelter from the wind, the rain and the snow.

Infografia Casa Caballos 01They need a place to rest or sleep when they want to.

A space like this is especially necessary for recovering, ill or aged animals who may need to make use of it for quite a long period of time depending on their needs. In these cases, special treatment is necessary that should ideally be provided in an appropriate, warm space, with the right flooring that the animals may lie down on for long stretches of time if needs be, and that is easy to clean. It should lend itself to housing guests with reduced mobility, equipped with systems to facilitate movement to ensure these animals can go outside and bask in the sun, which can do wonders in many such cases. Such a place would make the life of the carers easier too, providing board for those whose work requires long periods of time and staying overnight.

You can glimpse what the home might look like in this video:

Surely this project is the way to provide a safe and appropriate home to the larger animals, not only to shelter from harsh weather but also to ease the transition into old age or illness, ensuring the best quality of life, something we aspire to give all the inhabitants at the sanctuary. We want them to have that because they deserve it. And we what to be prepared to receive more large guests, as the number of those exploited and waiting to be saved and to become part of a family is huge. We want to offer them all a life free from pain, a life of peace, a place where they can roam free for the rest of their lives.


In the short term this shelter will house our larger inhabitants. We also eventually want to welcome to it other large animals we rescue. In the long run, we hope raising awareness of this event helps people to realize that every individual, regardless of species, has the right to enjoy his or her life without suffering, and according to his or her interests. We want this message to reach an ever increasing number of people, triggering changes that will lead to a way of life with universal respect of all life.

Love the idea?

Imagine how much the old horses, the sensitive -to -cold ponies, the ill larger animals in need of peace and constant monitoring will love it. How about collaborating with the project, donating any amount of money convenient to you?


You can use the name “Casa SEGURA for the account you find under donations or become a teamer and collaborate in the construction, for just 1 EUR a month!


If you’re a builder, own a construction material warehouse or a are carpenter, you can actually help us build while staying here for a month. Why not start now by writing to us  [email protected]


* Prices are approximate

You can make donations through the following ways and, if possible, indicating that they are for “El Hogar de los animals”:

– Bank transfer to our account TRIODO BANK – ES5314910001262037509029.

For bank transfers outside of Spain: IBAN ES5314910001262037509029


– Donation through PAYPAL: