Inheritance and legacies

Your support is essential

Inheritance and bequests are a very valuable resource for our association, which only is sustained by the generosity of its collaborators, as we do not receive aid or subsidies from the authorities.

If you like animals, if you believe that humans have not treated them fairly, and you want to help the most disadvantaged, you can collaborate by bequeathing your goods to them through El Hogar Animal Sanctuary.

It is a way of keeping your own ideas and values alive. The decision to leave an inheritance to El Hogar Animal Sanctuary, an association that defends animals, will allow you to contribute to eradicating speciesism, to fight for the rights of animals and make a fairer and safer world for all.

How can I bequeath possessions to El Hogar ProVegan?

The procedure is very simple. You only need to visit your notary and in your will declare the items that you wish to leave to the El Hogar ProVegan association, including the following details:

Business name: El Hogar Animal Sanctuary
Registered place of business: Ask us
C.I.F. / Tax identification number: G85197168

You can bequeath a fixed amount of money or establish a percentage on the total value of your estate. It is also possible to make donations in kind (furniture, vehicles or other items).

For more information on this type of collaboration call us on 615 706 088 or write to us by email at [email protected].