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El Hogar is a non-profit organisation. All income and donations will go towards covering the needs of the animals sheltered in the sanctuary, to cure their illnesses and injuries that may arise, and to make possible rescues, to be able to include them, given that we are at the limit of our capacity. Our intention will always be to improve the facilities and the living conditions of the inhabitants of our animal sanctuary.

Furthermore, we don’t forget about the awareness raising work that we do in support of their rights, for which the funds that we are raising will also be important.

We are an association that does not receive grants, so we are not tied to the authorities. Because of this we need your help to be able to continue; the collaboration of each one of us is essential: as little as it may seem to you, for us it means being able to make ends meet, being able to buy some medicine or save an animal who is in a critical condition.

In El Hogar we try to give back to the animals the dignity that humans have taken from them. We are building a place where they can live out their days without suffering bad treatment or handing over their life for the consumption of other species. But as all this costs money, we need help from people who, like you, see the necessity of a space like this, free from speciesism, where all are equal.

If you want to collaborate with us and you don’t live near the sanctuary, you can do so by providing economic help. With small donations that everyone who is sensitive to animal suffering can supply, we can have a home full of happy inhabitants who are teaching us vital attitudes that we have forgotten with the passing of time: the capacity to laugh, to dream, to believe, to understand, to love…

If you have question, please write to [email protected]

We carry a new world in our hearts, and you can be part of it!